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  • Matilde
    I have from childhood was a girl "in the body", and an 11th-chest approaching 4 size. Bulky shapes of me, of course, staged, but to lose 5-6 pounds too would not hurt. I decided to run in the evening and do not eat after 6. The weight went down, and with him, and my bust. Once online read on the cream Bust Size and decided to try it. Now, my breasts look excellent, and the slimming general it had no impact.
  • Matilde
    I already худела and took the weight, it is therefore well knew, that, first, I reduced the chest. This is what I didn't like, so once again I began to think, as I do and excess fat to remove the layer, and the firmness of the breasts save. A friend advised me to get the cream bust sizebecause it has allowed him to restore the breast after breast-feeding. Well, I tried and was very satisfied. The pounds are gone, while the chest remains tight, and beautiful.
  • João
    The woman had been the most strong complex due to the fact that, after the weight loss her breasts become less elastic. I, in fact, it's not bad, but in the face of her suffering, I couldn't. But and allow him to do such a stupid thing to go under the knife of the surgeon, and I couldn't. I went on many forums, one of which has found a comment on the cream bust size. Purchased, offered to his wife. First a little hurt, and then, it was simply thrilled. The chest has also become very beautiful than before!
  • Diogo
    After childbirth, the woman is often denied of intimacy – sex is on vacation, only at night and under the cover. I have not been able to understand what it is, in fact, it has not survived, no stretch marks no she was so shy, I didn't know that. And then, she confessed that she confuses hang down to the chest. I sent it on the advice of your plastic surgeon, but she came there with the cream bust size. Thanks to a month of the woman with pride, walked on the beach of the Mediterranean sea, in the bathing suit and even decided to sunbathe topless.
  • Beatriz
    I had to go to the man, with whom we have not seen it yet, but we've already had a serious enough relationship through correspondence via the social networks. It was proposed to spend time on the coast, but my chest, which was lost with age, elasticity, very embarrassed of me. So I decided it was urgent to find a way to bring the bust in order. Went in a beauty salon, she advised me to try the cream bust size. Well, in a month, my chest was like in his youth. So in 2 weeks, I fly to her beloved, without any doubt!
Comments Bust Size