The experience of using Bust Size

Stella from Brussels told us the amazing story of his reincarnation. The girl has expressed her feelings and their most intimate thoughts, and spoke of the result of the use of the cream Bust Size for soft breast augmentation.

I wasn't too big, but it is voluminous chest. Beautiful shape and the elasticity of the were very attractive and of no great size. Of course, a beautiful bust has become one of the factors thanks to which I managed to find a good husband. My choice couldn't see, and almost every day, fell asleep me compliments.

As I started to have problems with the chest shield

Our family life has been a fairy tale, but with time I started having health problems that eventually cause a miscarriage. To avoid that this does not happen, the doctors designated me the hormone treatment, but it was not a good result. After two unsuccessful attempts to carry the child and of the receipt of shock doses of hormones, I became quickly the weight gain. My chest has increased by more than 2 sizes, I took to his ordinary weight of 28 kg of the Issue of pregnancy has been relegated to the second plan, because now, he was to collect the remains of the health and be in shape.

I changed his diet, took care of the financial year, saw a natural is a drug for weight loss, and six-month reduced its weight, and the size of the chest has become the same. However, in spite of the sport and a sufficient number выпиваемой of the water, the appearance of my bust is very has changed for the worse. The breast has lost its firmness, is curved slightly, because of what without underwear this was not a pleasant sight. I started to ask questions about plastic surgery, just a face-lift, without implants and augmentation. But suddenly for us, the husband of the coming of the long-awaited pregnancy, so that the thought pro plastic evaporated. For me has been the main keep of the fruit and give birth to a healthy baby, all the more that much more wise would be to tackle the question of the beauty of the breasts after the end of breastfeeding.

At the end of 9 months, we had a girl, my chest is now again a couple of sizes, and, of course, was elegant. After a year, I decided to stop breastfeeding, and once the milk is lost, lost and my chest. The size became even less than what was before the pregnancy. The husband was against the implants, yes I have it and it would not, in general, the size suited me, but the appearance left something to be desired. The more I thought about lifting, the more I fear even, general anaesthesia, and what will be the outcome, unknown. Until we have saved their money on the next plastic, I all the time was in doubt.

How I managed to restore the beauty of your bust thanks to the cream Bust Size

Once on the ground, I met her ex-boyfriend, with whom were together at the university. She was walking with her son, who is six months older than my princess. We talked about children, childbirth, or breastfeeding, and of course the theme has touched the chest. When I expressed my fears about the operation, she said, as she picked it up and drove out of the chest in order after lactation. This friend has set up to do it without the plastics, even if none of the methods of conservative does not work. She tried to do special exercises, ice packs, all types of cream, but the result brought him only Bust Size. She even gave me the photos "before and after". I am very surprised, because on the photo, as if he had 2 different girl. In general, the effect I was very impressed. It turns out, this cream to my friends recommended beautician.

I'm very happy with the opportunity to present the breasts in the right order, avoiding narcosis, a surgical scalpel from the table, a long restoration. This is why I decided to buy the cream Bust Size. The husband is gone for 3 weeks on a business trip in another country, and at this time, I just enjoyed bought the cream. After the husband returned home, he did not immediately notice the change (after all, I was in underwear). As soon as in the evening, I уложила the girl to sleep, and she is dressed in a nice sexy bathrobe for baby, my favorite very surprised (of course, with a good hand). It was first thought that I'm in the secret has made him the cosmetic surgery, but I told him his secret. It is, of course, not to believe that a cream could give such an effect, but as soon as he is assured that all the money is in place, it has done – it is a miracle. Still 3 weeks and the size of the chest increased slightly, thanks to what I have already without hesitation, enjoy the sea, sunbathing on the beach very explicit swimsuit. To be honest, we have this gender was not even during the honeymoon! When my husband started to give gifts and compliments to go to sleep.

The experience of the use of the cream Bust Size

Bust Size really highly effective. My chest is become the same elastic, as to the intake of hormones, stretch marks or any other trace is not left. As for the size, as a small child I am decently lost weight, and the chest, and return to his normal weight, and the chest has acquired the previous form and volume. In general, now I have tightened it up a beautiful bust, as I managed to get without the help of a surgeon, but only thanks to the cream Bust Size. I would advise all women not to rush to go under the knife, and try a single tool!